Man Ting: Legacy, Money and Managing Conflict

Dating for marriage is a complex minefield and no one has a fool proof map for survival. How do you know when you’ve found ‘the one’, how do you resolve and navigate issues when they arise, and how does marriage (or preparing for marriage) change you as a man?

Despite women being more financially independent and pursuing their own careers today, men still feel under a lot of pressure to be financially successful. How do we resolve the internal conflict between the intrinsic need to be capable providers and the reality that our value as men doesn’t need to be centred on our ability to accumulate resources? How transparent should we be with our partners about money, and how do we share the responsibilities for managing finances within our relationships?

We also remember the life of Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter and the seven other victims of the tragic helicopter crash which took their lives and ask ourselves, what does it mean to leave behind a legacy? How do we as men create something for those who come after us to emulate and surpass?

Rest in Peace:
Kobe Bryan, age 41
Gianna Bryant, age 13
John Altobelli, 56
Kerri Altobelli, age 46
Alyssa Altobelli, age 13
Sarah Payton, age 45
Payton Chester, age 13
Christina Mauser, age 38
Ara Zobayan, age 50

Music: Beatmix by herbalsniff
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Author: This Dad Life

This dad thing is pretty new to me, and blogging is event newer. I have an amazing family!

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